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Notes on an Answers in Genesis Seminar.

The following are edited contemporary notes taken by a member of Science Just Science (Roy Thearle) at an Answers in Genesis seminar in Kent in the Spring of 2006. The references to UFOs are in bold. The full text can be seen here:

Speaker: Philip Bell, AiG-UK Venue: Hamilton Rd Evangelical Church, Whitstable. Date: April 1st, 2006


Part II: "Alien Encounters and the Bible"

The second talk was on UFOs (2). How do we get answers re alien life? That's right, read the bible.

Philip started the talk with an account of a survey he once conducted on students views of alien visitations - he was surprised to find many students thought aliens had visited earth in the distant past (a la Von Daniken). Philip also plugged Gary Bates' book 'Alien Intrusion: UFOs (2) and the Evolution Connection'. (1) Don't buy it. He also snuck in a picture of 'alien manifestations' - a UFO, a crop circle, an alien head and the canonical monkey to man sequence. Subtle it wasn't.

A question for the audience: "Do you believe in UFOs?" (2) Philip does - lots of flying objects are unidentified, and he cited stealth bombers, lenticular clouds, the planet Venus and the photographs of the White House taken in 1952 (see - he just doesn't believe in aliens. He believes that most UFO sightings are due to demonic manifestation (2).

But what about alien (2) abduction reports? Philip claimed that these existed long before the modern era, and were present in all cultures. There is a common thread to these adbuction stories - abductees are told that they are 'special', and that they have missions to do. Some abductors claim to come from another dimension, and all of them support evolution. Philip suggests that the abductors (2) are fallen angels (2) (No, I am not making this up). As supporting evidence, Philip offered a picture of a poster in a car window, the thought that science fiction was permeated with new-age occultism (but five minutes ago it was atheistic), and Isaiah 45:18.

(1) This site appears to be hosted by Creation Ministries International and includes an endorsement of the book By Bell. Here is part of an Amazon review of the book: "Bates goes through the evidence for and against space aliens, and settles somewhere in the middle: he finds a lot of evidence that something is indeed happening with abductions, but on the other hand he also finds evidence against the interpretation that UFOs have to be - or even could be alien craft from another star system." (see

(2) We have no idea what the differences here are between demonic manifestations, UFOs, fallen angels, aliens and abductors are. The author of the original report points out that it is difficult to say as none of them actually exist.

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