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The Chosen And The Damned

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The Chosen And The Damned

The chosen and the damned

"In our country, he said, there are two major systems of philosophical thought. The first is based on revealed truth, the Bible, on this is placed the block of divine creation then absolute morality issued [ushered?] in responsible man and a caring world. The alternative though has humanist philosophy as its foundation, atheistic evolution is placed on this and then situational ethics or amorality issuing [?] in autonomous man and self-centred society.
"So what he's basically saying is, you have atheistic humanism, evolution then lawlessness, homosexuality, pornography, abortion and the survival of the fittest. Wouldn't you agree that those trends are certainly in our society today? Every man for himself, let's just do our own thing, let man make the rules, let's leave absolutes out of the picture. 'Why shouldn't I?' is basically the theme of today. 'Why shouldn't i?'
"On the other side though, we have Biblical Christianity. Creation is a fundamental block of that thinking: laws, marriage, moral standards, sanctity of life and the care of the individual. Ah, just a minute. You might well be saying, 'you get caring people from the other side'. That's true, but tell me, do they get their thinking from evolution? Not really, not really, it's really the remnants of Judeo-Christian influence in the Western world, that lingers with people from generation to generation..."

Source: Bible Sermons Online Tape No GTP100, November 2000, Andy McIntosh summarising and praising a booklet he is selling: The Relevance of Christianity in a Scientific Age by Verna Wright

Author: Andy McIntosh

Organisations to which he belongs: Truth in Science (board member); Answers in Genesis; Biblical Creation Society

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