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Terry Hamblin

Terry Hamblin

Terry Hamblin FMedSci, MB, ChB, DM, FRCP, FRCPath is Professor of Immunohaematology at the University of Southampton. He was one of the 27 signatories to the Estelle Morris letter in 2002. Hamblin is associated with the Biblical Creation Society and has written for its journal. Hamblin has always worked part time at the university as much of his career has been within the framework of the National Health Service.

A PhD graduate from the university, Caroline Crocker, rose to some prominence in 2005 because of her fundamentalist religious opinions. She was allegedly dismissed from her university post in the USA for teaching intelligent design. Her PhD from Southampton is in immunopharmacology. Dr Hamblin advises us that he has never met Dr Crocker and has had nothing to to with her. However, we raise the issue here because a number of people associated with the University are creationists.

Dr. Hamblin has advised us that he is not a fundamentalist.

Full details about Dr Crocker's career problem can be found here.

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