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Searching The Wiki

How to Search for Information on this Web site

Simply enter the text you want to search for in the Search box at top of any and every page and click the Go button. The wiki software will search all topics and list those containing the text you have entered. Try it; it will only take you a moment.

If you want to find examples of a phrase or title using several words, use " before and afterwards. For example, if yor type in "Peter Smith" it will only show pages with the complete name Peter Smith on it. If you just type Peter Smith without using " it will show you pages with just Peter and/or just Smith as well.

We do recommend that you use the search function. It is dead easy to use and you will often find that it draws up additional information that you didnt't expect. It's easy and quicker to use than an index (which is why we assue that PMWikie, the language in which this Wiki is written does not have a full index capability).

TIP: The search function brings you up links to pages that contain the word or phrase you are looking for. However, some of these pages are long and you may sometimes get a bit lost once the page is opened up. There is an easy way round this problem. Any and all pages are opened within a browser window, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. The browser also has a search function which will pinpoint the exact position on the page where the word or phrase you are looking for is.

In Microsoft Internet Explorer, the most used browser, you will see the "find" function by clicking on "Edit".

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