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Religion Is Education

Religion is education

"Organise a Creation/Evolution debate in the sixth form. Such an event, when properly and fairly planned, represents a good opportunity for interested third parties (together with those who may have been previously disinterested and/or unconcerned) to gauge how well the available data fits the respective world views of the Creationist/Evolutionist. It is the conviction (and happy experience) of this writer that much prejudice and ignorance can be undermined by conducting oneself with both charity and rigour and by making full use of such an opportunity. (We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. [2 Corinthians 10:5])"

Source: Creation Science - Getting the Message into Schools, Second Conference of Creation Activists in 1998

Author: Stephen Layfield

Organisations to which he belongs: Truth in Science (board member, resigned); Christian Institute

"For a nation to be blessed in all aspects of its national life it must keep and obey the Word of God. We have seen in recent years an increasing abandonment of God and His Word by both church and state with tragic consequences. The moral decline in our nation is now steep and rapid.
"The Bible and the principles and values within the Bible must be restored to their rightful place in the sociological and educational basis of national life."

Source: The School: Organisation, Ethos and Curriculum, A Biblical Perspective lecture given by John Burn on 13 April 2000 at Emmanuel College, Gateshead

Author: John Burn

Organisation to which he belongs: Christian Institute (Chairman)

"It seems to us that attempts to reconcile evolutionary theory with the Biblical account of creation strain and distort scripture..."

Source: Christianity and the School Curriculum(1995)

Author (1 of 2): Nigel McQuoid, Emmanuel College Head Teacher

Organisation to which he belongs: Christian Institute

Author (2 of 2): John Burn

Organisation to which he belongs: Christian Institute (Chairman)

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