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Nigel Jones

Nigel Jones

Nigel Jones MS, FRCS is Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Nigel AG Jones was one of the signatories to the 2002 Estelle Morris letter. He qualified in 1971 so is likely to be in his mid to late fifties. He is still active as a consultant (see

However, he is one of the few people on the list of signatories to the Estelle Morris letter that does not, as far as we know, have any significant links with any of the main creationist organisations in the UK.

All we would point out is that whilst creationism is relatively strong in the North East of England, it appears largely to be associated with the Vardy schools and the Christian Institute (in Newcastle).

Nigel Jones does not appear to have written for any of the creationist publications; nor does he appear to be an activist.

Nigel Jones qualified from Guys Hospital in London. His Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, and Master of Surgery are from London University.

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