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Malcolm Bowden

Malcolm Bowden is a trustee of the Creation Science Movement and is a speaker for the organisation. He is a civil engineer (now semi-retired) and not a scientist. He has a personal web site at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/malcolmbowden/. He is an out and out creationist but as creationists go has some weird ideas such as the earth is at the centre of the universe.

He is author of four books on creation and a fifth (co-authored with Rev. Dr. Robert J.K. Law) on True Biblical Counselling entitled "Breakdowns are good for you". This claims that there is no such thing as non-organic "mental illnesses" and that counselling should be from the Bible alone and returned to the churches.

Apparently he also has it in for the charismatic movement as well as the mental health care professions. Amongst his other wacko beliefs is that of the Japanese plesiosaur-type carcass. This apparently was the rotting remains of a carcus of a basking shark that creationists believe was a plesiosaur - this proving that man and dinosaurs co-existed (except, er, that a plesiosaur wasn't a dinosaur).

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