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John Walton

John Walton

John C. Walton BSc., Ph.D., D.Sc. is Professor of Reactive Chemistry at the University of St. Andrews. His BSc. is from the University of Sheffield, PhD from the University of St. Andrews, and DSc from the University of Sheffield. Details of his academic position are confirmed at

With what must rank as impeccably bad timing, Walton delivered a paper to the Guardian on 20th December 2005 defending Intelligent Design. The paper was not published by the Guardian but can be found in a Seventh Day Adventist publication at The significance of the 20th December was that on that day Judge John Jones issued his ruling in the Kitzmiller v Dover Area School District trial. To say that the proponents of Intelligent Design lost this case spectacularly would be a gross understatement.

Walton is believed to be a Seventh Day Adventist (see Walton provided a foreword to the book Creationism Revisited by the Adventist creationist Colin Mitchell.

Walton has also openly supported Truth in Science - see

In October of 2007 Walton presented a lecture in Edinburgh on Intelligent Design. The event was organised by the Edinburgh Creation Group and was part of a series of ten creationist lectures which included presentations by John Mackay. Mackay appears not to have publicly retracted his allegations that Margaret Buchanan had sex with her dead husband's body and practised witchcraft. Mackay was ex-communicated from his church over the unsubstantiated allegations.

See for details about Walton's presentation.

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