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Introduction To Theocracy

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Introduction To Theocracy

Introduction to theocracy

For a general site on theocracy in the USA see

Young Earth Creationists believe that the world is no more than 10,000 years old - and that Genesis literally describes how the world was created. They are for all intents and purposes fundamentalists.

For some time now, a fair number of their religious organisations have been trying to reshape British society - and enjoying some success:

  • The Vardy Academies are collectively the flagship for a fleet of roughly four hundred schools that Tony Blair would like to see established by the end of the decade;
  • Fundamentalists recently launched the organisation Truth In Science which cloaks their Young Earth Creationist beliefs in the garb of intelligent design rhetoric for the purpose of inserting their beliefs into schools, which in late 2006 sent out over 5,000 packets (including two DVDs) to schools throughout England - "educational material" specifically critiquing evolutionary biology, and more broadly, modern science; and,
  • Fundamentalists appear to be receiving little resistance as they expand their sphere of influence within the Church of England - where those who "oppose" them seem more interested in showing them the errors of their ways than actually keeping them from achieving a position of dominance.

The fundamentalists who seek to take over British education, culture and society seek to replace man's law with God's Law in all aspects of our existence. However, to convince us that this is necessary, they first seek to convince us that: our society has fallen into sin; all of modern education and science is either an illusion or tainted by an atheistic ideology known as "secularism"; and, the Bible is to be understood literally, from Genesis to Revelations. A central piece in their program is to infuse every branch of education with their beliefs - with the apparent objective of preparing everyone for Judgment Day - which is drawing ominously near.

The British Centre for Science Education has extensively documented much of this movement, including key individuals and organisations which comprise it. At this point, we will do something different. Without further ado, we shall let them explain their views and objectives to you - in their own words...

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