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Geoffrey Barnard

Geoff Barnard is one of the leading advocates of young earth creationism to have been active in the last two decades.

Dr Geoff Barnard was a senior researcher at the Cambridge Veterinary school but is belived to have retired and is now living in Israel. To our knowledge he's been involved in at least four British creationist organisations as well as the Euro Leadership organisation alongside Andy McIntosh.

He was a leading speaker in Genesis Agendum where he was also a trustee. He was a founding participant and trustee in Biblical Creation Ministries, the evangelising arm of the Biblical Creation Society. He's been involved in Truth in Science and, as at November 2010, was helping with the launch of the Centre for Intelligent Design

However, surprisingly, he was not a signatory to the 2002 Estelle Morris letter. This was the letter which basically gave the game away that there was an interconnected freemasonary of young earth creationist activists in Britain.

There is a bio on him at http://www.answersingenesis.org/home/area/bios/g_barnard.asp.

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