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Notes Specific to the wiki-based section of the BCSE web site

I have tried to keep the general layout simple, rational and consistent throughout.

External and Internal Links

In general I have relied heavily on internal links using PMWiki language and external links using standard web URLs. The latter are a bit untidy but the reason for using them is to indicate that they are external and unconnected with BCSE (the PMWiki language allows use to hide the URLs and use Wiki language rather than html language to connect to external sites).

However, I have made a general exception to this for links to external web pages of authoritative sources that provide reasonably objective background information on individuals, organisations or topics. I have therfore used PMWiki links rather than URLs to connect to those sites.

They are mostly Wikipedia pages. In a sense, I am implicitly endorsing the pages involved by linking them using PMWikie language.


The colour used for subheadings is Magneta . This is not amongst the basic colour options available in text editing. To make a word or phrase magneta in colour you need to preceed it with %color=#cc33cc% and follow the word or phrase with a double percentage mark %%.

Thus if you want the phrase Answers in Genesis to be in magneta, type %color=#cc33cc% Answers in Genesis %%. It will then appear on the finalised page as Answers in Genesis .

The default colour for subheadings is brown.

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