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Education Is Religion

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Education Is Religion

Education is religion

"So is Christianity & the Bible true - historically, scientifically and objectively or is atheistic, humanistic, materialism true? One's allegiance to either requires a certain leap of faith."

Source: The Teaching of Science: A Biblical Perspective, A lecture given by Steven Layfield at Emmanuel College, Gateshead on (21 September, 2000)

Author: Stephen Layfield speaking as a member of The Christian Institute

Organisations to which he belongs: Truth in Science (board member, resigned); Christian Institute

On Truth in Science...

"In a similar way to the Christian Institute, we wish to present a clear alternative to the atheistic humanism rampant through most of our schools today."

Source: Tinshill Free Church Magazine, issue 226.

Author: Andy McIntosh

Creationist organisations to which he belongs or is closely associated with: Truth in Science (board member); Answers in Genesis; Biblical Creation Society; Genesis Agendum

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