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David Walton

David Walton

Dr. David Walton is on the council of the Christian Institute in Newcastle and is a trustee of the organisation. The Institute has played a major role in trying to get creationism into schools - most notably the Vardy schools and through Christian Unions. Its director, John Burn, was formerly head of Emmanuel College, the Vardy school in Gateshead.

Walton has recently (2006) set up his own cretionist organisation, Creation Matters, based in the North East of England.

Walton was one of the signatories to the 2002 Estelle Morris letter. At the time he was described as visiting lecturer, Dept of Computer Science, University of Durham, Information Systems Consultant. However, when we checked the university's web site in June 2006 he appeared to no longer have any connection with it.

We take Walton's involvement in the Estelle Morris letter very seriously because he was on the council of the Christian Institute at the time*. This was not disclosed in the letter. The Christian Institute has been exceedingly active in lobbying the government.

Moreover, the letter described him as a visting lecturer at Durham University. According to this web site - - Walton has worked nearly all of his life outside of academia.

  • He on the Council of the Christian Institute and is a trustee of the organisation alongside John Burn and the Rev David Holloway according to its 2002-2003 review. According to its 1999-2000 report he was also a Council member then. So we assume that he held the same position when his signature was attached to the Estelle Morris letter.
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