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David Harding

David Harding

David Harding is a former policeman and now Pastor of Milnrow Evangelical Church in Rochdale, Lancashire. He is on the Council of Reference of Truth in Science.

There is a web site for the church at The information on it clearly shows that Harding is a creationist. It provides a link to the web site of Answers in Genesis. Harding is also an executive member of the United Beach Mission which was founded by Professor Verna Wright. The latter was an academic and a creationist. He died in 1998.

Moreover, Andy McIntosh, alongside a Dr Mike Worsell (an unknown to us), spent a day at the Church in April 2006 promoting creationism. See

Harding has stated in public that he wants religion to be brought into education on a much bigger scale than it is. It is clear that he is not just talking about science. See

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