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7th December 2009 - Truth in Science move back out of the shadows and send a creationist text book to UK schools. This is an evolving situation see the blog here

Another recently launched initiative is called Creation Watch - see here for details.

You can find out what MPs are doing in response to our campaigns by going to our section on politicians.

In addition, you may find out details of where and when BCSE members have actively been involved in debating creationists to raise public awareness on our press coverage page.

Members of the BCSE are currently involved in objecting to the establishment of a city academy being sposored by a religious fundamentalist, Peter Vardy. The proposed academy is in Blyth in the North East of England and, if the proposals are accepted, will be the fourth fundamentalist state financed school in the region. Peter Vardy is planning to establish a total of seven such schools in the region.

By extension, the BCSE is working to make public the extent to which the fundamentalist creationist movement in the UK has deceived both the Secretary of State for Education and the general public. Also, the BCSE has put together a plan to oppose the appointment of fundamentalist school governors for state schools in one well known town in the South of England. This model is applicable to your school in other areas of the UK.

Furthermore, we are establishing contacts with the relevant organisations to oppose the Northern Ireland creationists in their move to introduce creationism at the famous causeway and England-based creationists to introduce a creationist theme park in North-West England, as reported in the Observer.

Finally, we are building an intelligence database on this web site of the fundamentalist creationist movement in the UK. This covers the leading players in the movement, the main organisations involved, their strategies and tactics and their finances. The BCSE is also actively monitoring the extent to which such fundamentalists are infiltrating other organisations such as schools and various religious bodies.

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