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Boris Johnson MP

Dr Boris Johnson is a Conservative MP, Shadow Minister for Higher Education and former editor of the Conservative house organ, the Spectator.

In the Summer of 2002 Cecil Andrews, the itinerant Northern Ireland minister, young earth creationist and rabid anti-catholic sent a creationist video to all 659 MPs in Westminster. Only four responded. Johnson was one of the four who replied to Andrews:

Dear Mr Andrews,
Thank you for your letter and for sending me a copy of the video A Question of Origins. You are quite right in identifying the controversy, which surrounds to the long-standing debate between those who believe in biblical creation and supporters of the theory of evolution. I believe this debate to be another part of a wider agenda which seeks to replace the Judeo Christian beliefs that underpin society with secularism, a product of political correctness and in my view with little to offer any of us. Thank you for writing.
Best wishes.

However, Johnson has questioned, in an e-mail sent on 17th December 2006 to Dr Darren Myatt (University of Reading) which the BCSE received on 25th December 2006, that such a message originated from his office:

Dear Dr Myatt,
Boris has asked me to send this on his behalf.
"Dear Dr Myatt,
I have no memory of sending the letter below, nor can I find it on my system. I find it very difficult to believe that my office would send anything so ungrammatical. To clarify my position; I am not a creationist. If creationism is taught in schools, it should be made clear that there is little evidence to support it (particularly compared to the Theory of Evolution.)
Yours sincerely,
Boris Johnson"

Boris Johnson has his own web site at .

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