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Adding A Topic

Adding A Topic to this Wiki

You can create a link to a new topic on an existing page by putting double square brackets (the brackets look like this [ and this ] on your keyboard) round the name of the new page. Just remember that you have to use both at each end of the page name and twice each.

Afterwords when you SAVE the changes, the name will show up on the page in blue, complete with brackets, with a question mark after it. If you click on the question mark a blank new page will open with the page name at the top. You will then be able to fill in the page and the new topic by writing, cut and paste from Microsoft Word or whatever.

When you create a page name keep it as simple as possible. If, for example, you want to provide something on a person, just use his/her name such as Bill McBonkers rather than Professor Bill McBonkers PhD, BSc.

Note that the whole site has been structured and consider where you want to put in the page names. For example, Bill McBonkers may already be referred to elsewhere and you may want to put the double brackets around his name there to make it easy for researchers and users to gain access to the page you are creating.

Note also that there are a lot of pages already dedicated to individuals and organisations. There is no point duplicating these. Edit and add to them instead where appropriate.

Most of the page names in this wiki are either the names of organisations or the names of individuals. Please try and stick to that format and group your material accordingly.

For example, if you want to post an article on the good Professor McBonkers' latest creationist book on how the bible proves the moon is inhabited by little green men, post it under the Professor's name, Bill McBonkers, not open a new page on Little Green Men.


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